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Botanium Automatic Watering and Soil-Free Growing Hydroponic Pot


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Botanium is a compact, easy and effortless way of growing. Its a hydroponic automatic watering pot, which means it grows plants like chilies, herbs and tomatoes without soil. It waters the plants automatically. The result? Faster growth and no need to worry about over or under watering. Leave it for a month and get back to a healthy plant. Botanium waters every 3rd hour, and since the growing medium holds moisture as well as air, the plant can’t get overwatered. Just fill the water tank when the water level gets low, and you can leave it alone. The water lasts for several weeks, so you can go away from home and return to a healthy plant. Having a healthy root zone is essential for growing leaves and fruits. Growing in a porous growing medium instead of soil, the roots get easier access to oxygen and nutrients (which are added to the water). This enables the plant to grow faster, so you can harvest earlier and more often, whether it’s basil leaves or chili peppers.

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Specifications :

Dimensions: 136 mm (5.3″) x 250 mm (9.8″)
Usage: Indoor use only.

What you can grow

Grow herbs like basil, oregano or mint. Or chili, tomatoes or strawberries. Botanium works especially well with thirsty plants that normally would require very frequent watering. Grow guides for different plants are available on our blog.

The water lasts for weeks

As water is pumped up, the excess water drains through the bottom and is recollected in the water tank to be reused later. So instead of evaporating, more water is being used by the plants.

The water lasts for several weeks, so you can go away from home and return to a healthy plant.

The growing technique used in Botanium – called hydroponics – is not a new method of growing. It has been around for many years and has been the subject of much research. It is a far more effective way of growing than traditional agriculture, and hydroponic vegetables are therefore becoming more and more common.

What’s included in the box
– Botanium
– Growing medium
– Nutrients
– User guide
– Wall plug



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