See here the strongest and most modern laser pointers! A laser pointer is a small device that usually emits a green or red laser beam to indicate a point or a specific location. Use it in your presentation to become accurate from a distance without rods, rulers, etc. Click to see all the laser colors with their own distinctive features! The red laser has a wavelength of 630nm to 670nm. It is less intense than green and is ideal for any kind of use such as fun, experiments and presentations. Green lasers are now the most common, because green light is up to 6 times more pronounced perceived in the human eye than red. The wavelength is from 500 nm to 550 nm. It is ideal for fun, astronomy, photography, for experiments, presentations, marking, eyeglasses, mountaineering, hunting, airsoft and so much more! Finally, blue and violet laser pointers have recently appeared and combine the enormous brightness and the power to burn materials.

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